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Blank Canvas Studio
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At Blank Canvas Studio, we believe that personal style should be expressive and free. We believe clothes are a canvas that serves as the perfect foundation to defining yourself.

We have been in existence since July 2020 and are currently  based in Accra,  Ghana

 Blank Canvas will remind people that clothing, much like art, is an expression of self. It's not about brands or logos. Its about wearing something that tells a story - a story you can relate to. 



Behind every brand is a unique story worth being told. We take pride in our origin and our story because it is what we translate into every piece we make. It is what we refer to at the beginning of all our processes and what we use to guide us when we need inspiration.


"The Blank Canvas concept was born out of an airport dilemma which left me without my luggage and consequently without my entire wardrobe. I turned the challenge into an opportunity to rebuild my wardrobe from scratch. 

I always had profound interest in developing personal style, but came to the realisation that I had relied heavily on other designers and brands to create the vision on my behalf. I had an epiphany when I realised as an artist, my skills were transferable to the fashion world. The nature of the BC creative process, which relies on creativity and consumer involvement from the start, has given me leverage to change that experience for myself and others”

_ Osei, Founder.


We hope that when you hear or read our story, you feel a part of our journey whenever you buy and wear a Blank Canvas piece.